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Not your traditional generator, but tomorrow's power system–Today!


No Fuel, No Pollution, and No Waste

* Standalone Power Plant System

* Provides Continual Prime Power 24/7-365

* Capable of Parallel Operation

* Produce Clean Power

* Good for Grid Frequency

* Peak Surge, Base Load

* On or Off-Grid Comparability

* Portable Model (Containerized Solution)

* Stationary Model (No Container, Just the Essential)

* Synchronous Generators

* Industrial Winding to Start Heavy Loads


Innovative Design and Powerful Performance

MaverickNRG offers a genuine “Standalone Power System” that operates on energy efficiency principles, using gravity, mass, and rotational kinetic forces to produce continuous on-demand torque. These rotational forces spin a mechanical generator that produces electricity for commercial and industrial operations with heavy surge demands.

The breakthrough in technology allows the uninterrupted production of energy without emission, waste, fossil fuel input. or the need for large centralized structures or traditional propulsion forces.

These power systems come in two models, portable (containerized solutions) and stationary (no container, and nothing fancy, just the essential). We design both models with the same reliable components and parts and produce power as autonomous units or connected in parallel operation.

The dynamic design of the portable models supports easy transportation, rapid permitting, and quick interconnection. No other building structures are required. It is minimizing setup time from months or years to weeks. It allows for the closest thing to plug and play system for immediate operation.

The stationary models are the same reliable power system at a reduced cost, saving the end-user money because they only include what is necessary and leave the optional or add-ons for the end-user to do on their own. These models shall be under a protected structure to protect the units from foreign environments.

These are distinct advantages over other power-generating technologies, enabling our power system to operate at a low operating cost structure and compete against all other available power generation sources. It positions our power system to lead in clean/green energy production.

It’s tomorrow’s technology – today!

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250KWh (Rated)
Prime Power Stationary Model Only

Innovative Design and Powerful Performance:

We offer generators that operate on energy efficiency principles, using gravity, mass and rotational kinetic forces to produce continuous on-demand power and torque. These forces rotate a mechanical, electrical generator that produces electricity for commercial and industrial operations with heavy surge demands.

Our Contributions


Efficient 3 Phase Motors, “Industrial Rated” The G-Force “Power-Drive” Kinetic Flywheel Rigid Gears Design (Mechanical Model Only) Adjustable and Controllable Frequency Drivers Electronic Control System Automated Starting and Transfer Swishes

4 Pole, Synchronous Generator, Insulation Class H, Drip-Proof Technology, Self-Excitation Electronic Voltage Regulator +5% Rugged Construction, Factory Testing Industrial Boost Winding, Staring Heavy Loads Standalone Units & Capable of Parallel Operation Factory Wire for the Fallowing Voltage

Auto & Manual (On/Off) Switch Operating Mode Multilingual Clear Display Sealed, Raised Buttons Constant Monitoring Utility Voltage and Sensing Continuous Monitoring Generator Voltage Programmable Exerciser with Selectable Settings Smart Battery Charger & Solar Charger

Portable Model Only (Containerized Solutions) Containerized Optional Extra Protection Against Hinged Key, Locking Roof and Side Panel Critical Grade Interior Insulation, Fire Retardant Compact, Attractive Design Small Footprint Rapid Transportation, Permitting/Interconnection

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